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VELUX & Sky Media partner to create the perfect space to enjoy TV

June 8, 2020

VELUX and Sky Media have launched a new campaign to highlight the benefits of using VELUX roof windows to transform an extension into the perfect living space for extending family time and watching TV together. VELUX also launch a campaign focussed on its range of blinds for roof windows in conjunction to boost awareness further.

The three-month campaign which was brokered by Republic of Media, is aimed at young couples and families showing these key audiences the benefits of using VELUX windows. In particular, the partnership will show viewers how they can make a difference to an extension and create the perfect family space for an evening in.

Created by Recipe and Sky Media, the three ads will each license one of Sky’s entertainment channels including Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Sky Witness. In doing so, viewers watching the ad on Sky One will also find the family in the advert creative watching that channel. The same will take place across the other entertainment channels, creating contextual relevance to increase engagement.

In addition, Sky Media will host a dedicated microsite where viewers can get the ‘VELUX look’ by transforming their own home with VELUX roof windows. The hub will also contain content demonstrating the benefits of adding daylight to your home as well as showcasing VELUX Active smart technology.

The campaign is a media-first for VELUX, which has never-before collaborated with a broadcaster to create bespoke licensed content. The partnership will include linear TV with AdSmart targeting and Sky Advance digital advertising to extend reach and reinforce its message to those have seen the adverts.

Running at the same time, VELUX will launch a sophisticated AdSmart campaign to extend and amplify awareness of the availability of their range of blinds, available direct from VELUX online. The addressable TV advertising will be managed in line with the climate. In doing so, the ad will be seen in households when its warm and sunny, allowing VELUX to engage viewers when they are most receptive and reducing ad wastage.

Andrew Lumsden, Senior Marketing Manager at VELUX, said, “We’re really excited to launch our new campaign together with Sky across its entertainment channels. We know how important it is for people to have the right amount of daylight in their home. Working with Sky allows us to deliver a complimentary message about how to ‘extend your family time’ watching great content in a great well-lit space.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning at Sky Media, said, “We’re proud to partner with VELUX on a campaign that highlights the perfect way to bring the best of the outdoors in and celebrates great family moments that we can enjoy from the comfort of our own homes. Whether it’s the latest American hit show, Britain’s best drama or a captivating documentary, we know that when our viewers watch TV together, they’re happier and more engaged.”

Toby Hutchins, Business Director at Republic of Media, said, “It’s a fantastic when an innovative client such as VELUX sets us a challenge to provide a freethinking media solution beyond the normal. As a partner Sky have really gone above and beyond in making this happen; we can’t wait for the hard work from this collaboration of client, agency and media owner to come to fruition.”

The campaign was brokered by Republic of Media and will run from June 8th until the September 7th 2020.

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