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Study: Substantial potential for Starlink

June 12, 2020

Data shows that a high number of US broadband users would consider switching to Elon Musk’s Starlink service.

An estimated 42 million Americans (16 million homes) do not have access to a broadband-level connection, double the FCC’s estimates, according to BroadbandNow – a data aggregation company helping consumers find their best broadband options.

“In addition, millions of households that do have access have only one or two options to choose from, especially in suburban and rural communities,” said BroadbandNow.

The study by BroadbandNow stated that:

  • Starlink’s potential market is substantial; 40 per cent of Americans would be likely to sign up for a faster Internet option if it became available.
  • Approximately one-in-five Americans are somewhat or very dissatisfied with the latency or speed of their existing service, including one-in-four in rural areas.
  • An estimated 16 million US households do not currently have broadband service available – a sizeable gap Starlink could help close.
  • Starlink’s introductory price will be crucial to adoption. (Pricing is still a mystery, even as Musk hints at a commercial launch later this year.)

“If the service truly does eventually cover the entirety of the US (and, eventually, the rest of the world) as planned, it could be the first real alternative for millions of residents who haven’t seen a change in their area in decades,” added BroadbandNow.

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