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Crackit lifts the lid on shoplifters for Channel 5

June 15, 2020

Crackit Productions has produced a new six-part documentary series, Shoplifters: At War With The Law for Channel 5 following the security guards on the frontline of apprehending shoplifters, it was announced today.

Following on from the success of A&E After Dark, Crackit takes on another subject for observational exploration – the men and women who are caught in a daily cat and mouse battle to catch the sophisticated shoplifters costing Britain £2.2 billion every year.

Shoplifters strike 200 times per hour and it’s no longer lone opportunists but gangs who “come equipped’ and use every excuse and trick to evade capture. Foil-lined bags and de-tagging devices prevent security alarms triggering and specially adapted clothing improves concealment.

Now retailers are fighting back – in addition to CCTV covering every inch of shopping centres across the country, a crack unit of security guards in stab vests in Coventry are on constant alert.

Elaine Hackett, CEO at Crackit, said: “Shoplifting is getting serious, organised and more aggressive. This series looks at the men and women who bring these criminals to justice. From repeat offenders to dangerous gangs, these security guards take their lives in their hands to help retailers tackle the disruption caused to local businesses.”

Daniel Louw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5, said: “Britain’s retailers are under pressure like never before, but as shoplifters become more resourceful, so do the guards. This is an eye-opening view into the murky and combative underworld of shoplifting.”

Shoplifters: At War With the Law is due to transmit later this year. The series is a Crackit Production for Channel 5 and was commissioned before Covid-19 by Daniel Louw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5, and the executive producers are Kerry Brierley and Elaine Hackett.

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