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‘Stretchable’ TV displays in development

June 17, 2020

By Chris Forrester

LG Display says it is working on a major Research & Development project from the South Korean government to manufacture next-generation ‘stretchable’ video displays. The company is planning to develop stretchable displays by 2024 and for them to have a 20 per cent elongation rate.

“LG Display will develop stretchable displays, a new form factor which could vastly widen the scope of applications that displays can be applied to. In the era of IoT, 5G, and self-driving cars, stretchable displays will play a huge role and we are very pleased and honored to be an important part of the development of these technologies and products,” said Dr. Soo-Young Yoon, SVP/Head of LG Display Laboratory in a report in Display Daily. “Through this R&D project, LG Display looks to contribute to the evolution of future display technologies while solidifying its leadership position in the industry with a portfolio of various next-generation display technologies.”

The report talks about the display having similar properties as a “rubber band” but without distorting the images in screen. The technology is seen as a next-step and following on from bendable, roll able and foldable displays already available.

The aim is to create displays that include multi-foldable screens as well as wearable devices with demand from the aviation and auto industries and much greater flexibility in curved displays.

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