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Sabio launches Validated Publishers for App Science TV

June 24, 2020

Sabio, the cross screen technology company behind App Science, has announced the launch of Validated Publishers for App Science TV, a connected TV (CTV) ad targeting platform that leverages robust mobile data to serve highly targeted ad units to streaming TV viewers.

Validated Publishers for App Science TV is the next iteration of Sabio’s Validated Publishers’ product initially created for their mobile offering.

“Consumer content consumption patterns according to most measures – whether it’s viewability, brand safety, completion rate or fraud mitigation, they all indicate the growing opportunity of advertising on CTV/OTT (over the top) platforms,” said Simon Wong, Sabio SVP of Strategy. “Within CTV, brands are investing in premium inventory to drive ad performance while providing more brand safety assurance. To meet this demand, we created Validated Publishers for App Science TV with the primary purpose of identifying premium publishers – and delivering a premium audience for our clients.”

“As more budgets are moving to Connected TV, evaluating the app space for fraud and ensuring brand safety, is becoming an important practice,” said Steven Katelman, EVP of Global Digital Partnership, Omnicom Media Group.

One of the significant elements of the Validated Publisher effort is Sabio’s partnership with MOAT by Oracle Data Cloud. One of the early adopters of MOAT’s viewability solution for CTV, Sabio has already seen significant viewability rates as high as 98%. Wong continued, “As the media environment becomes increasingly measurable, it will be more and more important for advertisers to have a scientific and data-driven approach to defining premium publishers and securing high-quality supply. Buyers want the measurement capabilities of desktop and mobile to be available for CTV. Measurement provides accountability and Sabio takes a data-driven, cross screen approach to everything we do, first with mobile, and now CTV.”

The criteria chosen in building out the Validated Publishers’ product are based on issues that are top of mind for brand advertisers today such as fraud, transparency and brand safety. Any publisher that does not meet the benchmark will be filtered out of Sabio’s advertiser traffic. All of these factors are important for brands in determining how they allocate their advertising dollars.

The criteria cover the following:
* Whether the app is certified with the current major CTV marketplaces
* The average user rating the app currently has
* Historical video completion rates
* The app’s viewability rate
* The level of fraud traffic
* How risky the content is in regards to brand safety

Launched in October of 2019, Sabio’s App Science TV takes a holistic approach to targeting to ensure a well-rounded, 360 degree view of consumer behavior and viewership habits is being formulated. Sabio’s CTV addition stems from a combined 40 years of experience at media companies like FOX, NBC and Telemundo. Sabio’s holistic approach to building custom audiences through app intelligence is applied to CTV, as they are now able to apply their mobile expertise to the connected household by matching device IDs to the household level through App Science.

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