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Virgin Media apologises for more outages

June 26, 2020

A network problem at Virgin Media left many customers without TV and broadband services on June 2th.

Thousands of customers reported issues on the Down Detector website, and complained on social media that they could not access their services, affecting masses of people who are still working from home.

Virgin Media said the issue only affected broadband customers in some areas of London, adding the problem had been fixed within a few hours, and apologised for the situation.

“We’re pleased to say the London broadband issue is now fixed. We’re sorry once again and we realise this was a frustrating situation for those affected,” it said.

The TV glitch, however, seemed to have been country-wide – although the outage only lasted a few minutes.

Virgin Media said the issues were not caused by congestion or strain. The company experienced a similar issue in April, when its network was unavailable in parts of London for several hours.

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