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Haivision acquires Teltoo

July 9, 2020

Haivision, a specialist in video streaming solutions, has announced the acquisition of Teltoo, a key technology innovator for peer-to-peer (P2P) and WebRTC enabled real-time video delivery.

Haivision says the acquisition firmly extends its expertise in cloud-connected live video from contribution and distribution, now through to delivery. It also enables Haivision to apply its machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities against real-time network analytics to optimise complete edge-to-edge low latency video workflows.

Focused on scalable and sustainable internet delivery, Teltoo’s technology incorporates P2P, WebRTC, and advanced real-time network analytics to optimise video delivery for operators, media companies, and enterprises. The advanced P2P algorithms, enabled by WebRTC for ubiquitous low latency browser support, significantly reduce the reliance on CDN distribution to individual players, eliminating buffering and delivering higher quality to each viewer while increasing reliability and reducing overall cost. Haivision will be integrating the Teltoo technology across its products to deliver the a quality viewer experience to audiences around the world.

“Teltoo is a technology innovator in the WebRTC enabled peer-to-peer live video delivery market,” said Mirko Wicha, President and CEO, Haivision. “Teltoo has deep knowledge of applying this technology with unique insights into optimizing network topologies. Combined with our multi-CDN and artificial intelligence expertise, Haivision is once again set to disrupt the video streaming industry.”

“By pioneering the SRT protocol and the SRT open source initiative, Haivision has already proved itself to be a leader in our industry,” explained Pablo Hesse, CEO, Teltoo. “Together with Haivision, we are well positioned to achieve our vision of setting the new standard for video streaming delivery.”

The Teltoo acquisition comes only eight months after the company’s purchase of LightFlow Media Technologies. With both entities based in Madrid, Spain, the teams will join forces to augment Haivision’s global development organisation, headquartered in Montreal with additional R&D offices in Portland, Chicago, and Hamburg.

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