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Movistar launches Movistar Tokens

July 9, 2020

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Movistar is testing a new system, called Movistar Tokens, to reward its subscribers with free of charge TV content, channels, or more data for the use of different services within the platform.

The service is now in a pilot phase with plans to launch nationally in September if successful.

A new ‘Mis Tokens’ section can be located in the user’s profile within the Mi Movistar app.

To earn a reward, the subscriber must go to Conseguir Tokens and enable settings such as speaking to the voice service Aura, or activate the free-of-charge service Conexión Segura.

The more tokens the subscriber earns, the more chance they have to obtain rewards.

Among the rewards are renting newly released films, watching more TV channels, accessing pay-TV football, unlimited data bonus for 48 hours, or 1Gbyte bonus for 7 days.

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