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Orange denounces regulator’s criticism

July 17, 2020

By Colin Mann

The Board of Directors at French telco Orange has responded strongly following the publication of an interview in which the Chairman of ARCEP, France’s telecoms regulatory authority, questioned Orange’s strategy in France, the company’s fibre deployment policy and its market position in terms of business telecommunications services.

In a Statement, the Board of Directors said that it finds the “unfair and unfounded” criticism “incomprehensible” and reasserts its confidence in what it describes as the “ambitious” Engage 2025 strategic plan.

“Fibre deployment is central to Orange’s strategy in France,” asserts the telco. “Indeed, Orange has carried out almost 70 per cent of FTTH deployments in all regions of France and, despite the unprecedented health crisis, should deploy as many connections this year as in 2019,” it suggests. “As part of Engage 2025, the Group is supporting all of its customers in their migration to fibre and is committed to the progressive decommissioning of the copper network”.

Orange says it is focused on maintaining its leading position in the French business market. “As the competition intensifies, the Group is continually transforming to provide the best possible customer service and respect all obligations relating to the opening of its infrastructure,” it confirms.

“The Orange Board of Directors is calling for all parties to meet their responsibilities while the country’s digital future and sovereignty remain at stake,” it concludes.


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