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Hulu launches Generation Stream

July 22, 2020

Hulu, the US streaming service, is introducing a new thought leadership research platform to the Streaming TV industry – Generation Stream.

Hulu says Generation Stream is its commitment to deeply understanding the power and impact of the streaming movement and the generation of TV viewers reshaping how we watch TV.

Over the course of the next few months, Hulu will unveil behaviours and motivations behind TV consumption, uncover trends that inform future behaviours, and reveal how to connect in meaningful ways with content, brands, and advertising.

“Diving into the experiences and moods of Generation Stream further cements streaming TV as a foundational part of a viewer’s day. The insights in this report uncover what inspires and moves this audience, so that Hulu and our partners can connect with them in meaningful ways, with content, brands and advertising,”said Julie DeTraglia, Head of Research & Insights at Hulu. “By exploring this coveted audience, who has been watching TV in a streaming environment for over a decade, Generation Stream helps us understand the why, who and how of streaming TV viewers, and will continue to do so in the coming reports.”

Some key insights learnt so far:

  • 90 per cent of 13-to-54-year-olds watch TV and movies on a video streaming platform
  • 75 per cent of 13-to-54-year-olds stream or mostly stream the video content
  • 57 per cent of 13-to-54-year-olds non-streamers say it’s likely they will subscribe to a streaming service within the next 5 years

Looking at Generation Stream specifically, Hulu also learned that there are three key definitions for their viewing: Stream Only, Stream Most and Stream Also.

  • 37 per cent of Generation Stream Stream Only
  • 47 per cent of Generation Stream Stream Most
  • 16 per cent of Generation Stream Stream Also

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