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Survey: Japanese uncertain over 2021 Olympics

July 22, 2020

A survey conducted by Japan’s public broadcaster NHK says that 66 per cent of Japanese are in favour of further postponing or cancelling the 2021 Olympics.

The Games are scheduled to open next July, a year from now and a year later than originally planned.

The NHK poll also suggests that respondents are less interested in the games. Thirty-five percent said the Games should be further delayed while 31 percent said they should be cancelled.

The main worry (54 per cent) said the Coronavirus was likely to continue. Fourteen per cent said the cost of the Games should instead be spent on fighting the global pandemic.

Seventy per cent said the Games should be simplified, and 42 per cent said the Games should take place without spectators.

Meanwhile, the President of the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee says the development of coronavirus vaccines and treatments will be a key factor in deciding whether to hold the Olympics and Paralympics next year. NHK interviewed Mori Yoshiro as Thursday marks one year before the planned opening of the Olympics.

Mori said if the circumstances were to remain unchanged, the Games could not be held. But he added the International Olympic Committee has the authority to make a decision, and it’s not appropriate for him to answer a hypothetical question.

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