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Sky, TVSquared attribution tool

July 24, 2020

Sky Media, the advertising sales arm of Sky, is partnering with TV attribution specialist TVSquared to launch a direct web attribution tool across linear, on-demand and addressable TV advertising campaigns.

Bringing together TV viewing and web tracking data, Sky Media provides its advertisers and brands with a picture of how TV drives interest, consideration, and sales performance. Advertisers and brands with Sky Media can measure the exact impact a TV campaign has in generating interest and subsequent traffic to a brand’s website and apps, answering longstanding questions from marketers.

Sky Media’s viewing panel will link to an advertiser’s online analytics to track with complete certainty where audiences have come from. Brands will have full assurance who has visited an app or website after seeing a TV advert, which marks a clear improvement on existing methods that focus only on correlating increases in website traffic to TV spots.

This enables brands to measure mid-funnel consideration and intent goals, link TV exposure to online response and directly understand the customer journey. All of this will be available to view via Sky Analytics, Sky Media’s self-serve reporting tool, allowing brands to plan and reactively adapt in real time.

“TV continues to remain the most trusted and impactful way for brands to engage current and future customers, illustrated by the growing number of digital native brands turning to TV,” notes Dev Sangani, Director of Strategy and Capability, Sky Media. “Being able to directly measure the impact TV has on driving web traffic and the resulting sales will be an immensely powerful tool. It’s really exciting to see the results for these campaigns come through. Our emerging insights show that there is a 50 to 100 per cent increase in web visits attributed to TV versus traditional models. Clearly that means TV’s impact on advertising performance has been wildly underestimated,” he contends.

Powered by TVSquared, Direct Web Attribution will be available across linear, on-demand, and addressable TV campaigns via AdSmart, with sponsorship being added in the coming months. Using TVSquared’s platform, Sky Media advertisers can easily access attribution, reach, frequency and reach extension analytics for their TV campaigns.

“Sky Media has always been at the forefront of providing advanced technology offerings to its advertisers, and this partnership continues that path of innovation,” commented Calum Smeaton, CEO and Founder, TVSquared. “TV can be measured and optimised with a focus on business outcomes – and Sky Media and TVSquared are enabling that for thousands of advertisers at scale today. This is an impactful and transformative change that is moving the TV ad market forward, not only in the UK, but worldwide.”

With access to this new capability, advertisers with Sky Media can:

  • Quantify TV’s impact on the full-funnel outcomes that matter most to them — from website traffic, to intent, consideration and even sales
  • See performance and cost-effectiveness for addressable and linear TV – including media dimensions such as audience and creative, days, dayparts, networks, programmes and genres
  • Reveal insights to inform ROI-positive optimisations, planning and more targeted buys


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