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3SS, Hoppr partnership

July 30, 2020

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a provider of software solutions for STBs and multiscreen entertainment, and Australian advertising technology innovator Hoppr have joined forces to create an end-to-end monetisation platform for Android TV. The pair have integrated the 3READY Custom Launcher with HopprTV to enable new possibilities for advertising and to unlock potential for marketing and promotion within the Android TV experience.

The companies say that s a result of this technical collaboration, operators can benefit from new revenue streams, and users enjoy more harmonious viewing, with ads and promotions that are relevant, personalised, and unobtrusive. In parallel, in a viewer-friendly way, advertisers can measure the performance of their marketing investments and brand engagement to reach audiences who are more likely to accept and understand their sales messages.

“Android TV offers myriad revenue opportunities, with scope far beyond core subscription revenues; advertising and promotion both have huge potential which is, to date, largely untapped,” commented Pierre Donath 3SS Chief Product Officer. “HopprTV combined with 3READY offers service providers the ability to deliver ads, content and service cross-promotions in all locations across the user experience. Being able to dynamically create offers that are both personalised and unobtrusive enables multiple new business opportunities for service providers.”

“Our shared goal is for all the stakeholders in the commercial value chain to earn incremental revenues,” said Cyril Daoud, CEO at HopprTV. “With the HopprTV+3READY solution, the advertiser, agency and, most importantly, the service provider, all have the opportunity to realise maximum business value from an Android TV-based service. Meanwhile, subscribers enjoy entertainment with seamless, personal and relevant ads and offers.”

“3READY combined with HopprTV technology creates a combined data and analytics powerhouse,” added Daoud.

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