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ZypMedia becomes ZypTV

July 30, 2020

ZypMedia has announced that the company is re-branding as ZypTV. In addition, the Company is expanding its products and services with both self-serve and fully-managed service product offerings.

ZypTV says its new name reflects the company’s platform specialisation in OTT and Connected TV (CTV), which has experienced explosive growth and has now surpassed traditional TV viewing time. Previously, the company’s technology was exclusively used to power local broadcast companies’ local digital and OTT media offerings. However, ZypTV is expanding its addressable market, making its products and services available to media agencies and brands that want to connect with customers in local markets. ZypTV is also currently beta testing a self-service buying option which will be launched in late Q3 2020.

“Over the last several years, we have proven the power of our platform in helping local brands reach audiences through OTT. Now, agencies that want to leverage the power of our local expertise and campaign targeting to drive ROI can use our platform,” said Aman Sareen, CEO and Co-founder of ZypTV. “ZypTV is the only platform that has proven to be effective and scalable in helping both local and national brands reach audiences on OTT with unduplicated reach market-by-market.”

While many brands buy OTT like linear TV, ZypTV enables brands to find their audiences across markets, publishers, and all premium OTT inventory. With flexible minimums, premium inventory, frequency capping, real-time reporting and audience targeting, local, regional, and national brands can build micro-campaigns that work for their markets at national scale with measurable results.

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