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Secret Cinema creator re-imagines the arts with new project LOST

August 5, 2020

LOST, the latest venture from the creator of Secret Cinema is launching today, exploring how we create, distribute and produce the arts. The project will invite the public to participate in a series of actions, with the first being exclusive screenings of Ladj Ly’s Les Miserables, in undisclosed outdoor London locations from 25th August. The project comes as cultural and youth service come under unprecedented financial pressures following Covid-9.

Riggall’s new project aims to break down the walls between mediums, between artists and audience whilst reimagining how the space is experienced. The project also looks to generate debate and action around social issues and will run specific social campaigns around the themes contained in each work of art.

The first action, the pre-theatrical release of the Oscar-nominated and Cannes Film Festival  Jury winner Les Misérables, is held in collaboration with artist Joseph Toonga and black youth- led organisation, A Tribe Named Athari.  Inspired by the 2005 Paris riots, Ladj Ly’s Les Misérables tells the story of poverty, bigotry and social justice in the Parisian suburbs of which the director himself is native. It is the first project made by a black film director to represent France in the international category for an Oscar. It is also Ladj Ly’s first non-documentary feature. Tickets will be £10 for 15 -18 year olds.

Following this from September 4th the film will be released through co-distributor Altitude, in cinemas across the UK.

Ladj Ly, first-time director of Les Misérables, said:  “More than 150 years have passed since Victor Hugo’s time, but poverty and social misery remain in Montfermeil .  This film is for the youth in my community. It’s for young people everywhere. And the LOST campaign is giving young people in this country a chance to do something that will enrich their lives and start a conversation around the conditions in which they live.”

Ferns Hampton  Hampton, Tribe Named Athari, said: “As a Pan Afrikan organisation, TNA believe international solidarity and unity between all Afrikans in the diaspora is integral. Ladj Ly’s masterpiece coming from the perspective of our brothers and sisters in France only advances this.”

Joseph Toonga, Artist and Choreographer, added: ‘I am excited to see how the connection of my current work ‘Born to Protest’ can come together with the LOST project to highlight and celebrate diverse voices in the arts and dismantle the negative stereotypes and perceptions that hinder a truly diverse society.

Lethal Bizzle, Artist , said: “Hopefully this will break the doors for more up and coming actors and directors,  people that don’t necessarily look like the right ‘fit’. It’s important this story is told, there’s loads of people round the world that can relate to it. to it.  It’s authentic. It says ‘there’s something happening here.”

Fabien Riggall, creator of Secret Cinema said, ‘lost is a socially-driven project  exploring radical new ways to make and release art. Storytelling belongs to everyone and we’re determined to create access and celebrate diverse voices in the arts. The first lost release is centred around Ladj Ly’s extraordinary film and partners with youth led organisation Tribe Named Athari and artist Joseph Toonga. ‘


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