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Portuguese operators introduce ads on PVRs

August 18, 2020

From Branislav Pekic in Rome

Portuguese pay-TV operators Meo, NOS and Vodafone Portugal have started to introduce 30 second commercials on their automatic TV channel recording services.

The insertion of commercials will be done gradually, taking into account the different models of digital boxes in homes of subscribers and the number of TV channels that adhere to this initiative, which is supported by Accenture.

Consumers will only be able to decide whether they prefer generic or personalised advertising.

According to daily Expresso, the insertion of the ads will be decided by the TV channels, as they are the owners of the broadcasting rights and commercially exploit the content.  A revenue sharing deal is foreseen between TV channels, operators, Accenture and “agencies specialised in the insertion of advertising”.

So far, the pay-TV operators have not made public which TV channels have adhered to the initiative. It is also unclear whether there are plans to include advertising in the rewind and fast forward functions during live broadcasts of TV channels.

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