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Hungary to launch communications satellite

September 1, 2020

By Chris Forrester

Three Hungarian companies are forming a joint-venture with the aim of launching the country’s own geostationary communications satellite.

The businesses, 4iG PLC, (51 per cent), Antenna Hungária (44 per cent) and New Space Industries (5 per cent) will establish a joint venture – announced the entity on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange.  The company’s name is CarpathiaSat Magyar Űrtávközlési CPLC. (CarpathiaSat Hungarian Space Telecommunications Corporation) and trading as CarpathiaSat.

Currently Hungary is entitled to an orbital slot for its satellite but back in 2004 it leased the position (at 4 degrees West) to an international operator (believed to be Israel’s Spacecom with its Amos craft). That lease expires in 2024.

“In order to meet the accelerated digitalisation and increased telecommunications needs, global efforts are aimed at the development of countries’ satellite capabilities. As part of the critical infrastructure, it is also important for Hungary’s sovereignty to be at the forefront in this area as well”, said Dr Orsolya Ferencz, Ministerial Commissioner for Space.

She also pointed out that “in 2018, the management of Hungarian space activities was transferred to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. As the Ministerial Commissioner responsible for supervising this field, I consider it a priority to strengthen and make the domestic space sector increasingly competitive in the field of services, industry and research and development. I am pleased that Hungary has embarked on a development path along which such a serious space investment and service can begin”.

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