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Qvest.Cloud is now qibb

September 1, 2020

From now on, Qvest.Cloud is qibb. With this realignment, Qvest Media transfers its multicloud management platform into its own organizational structure and creates an independent brand identity. qibb will be a part of Techtriq GmbH, a company founded by Qvest Media as a tech incubator for the development of innovative and smart technology products.

Ever since qibb has been introduced by Qvest Media less than two years ago, the multicloud management platform has continuously been developed and brought to market maturity. Whether as a cloud orchestration layer and multicloud management platform in an enterprise environment or with products that cover tasks like cloud playout, disaster recovery and media archiving, qibb can be used where there is a need for fast, scalable, cost-efficient, advanced and secure cloud solutions. Qvest Media reacts to the increasing number of users and the growing need for resources at an early stage and creates the required freedom for the future of qibb with Techtriq GmbH.

“By transforming qibb into an independent company, resources can be bundled better than before. Techtriq can put its entire focus on open innovation, the further development of qibb and its partner network as well as the marketing and the establishment of a worldwide reseller network,” says Peter Nöthen, CEO of the Qvest Media Group. “qibb’s system architecture can be deployed in all kinds of application fields such as telecommunication, IT administration or industrial production processes. By establishing the independent Techtriq organization, we are in a stronger position to access client groups outside the media landscape.”

Based on the platform qibb, Techtriq offers ready-to-use media solutions as SaaS packages for small and medium-sized companies with its product line qibb go!. The current focus is on products for content archiving, media playout, and channel disaster recovery in the cloud. The market launch of further modules for content production and editing as it is required e.g. in fictional production or in live sports, will follow shortly.

Individual and seamless cloud environments can be created using qibb ultimate. The technology platform with an integrated cloud application store is aimed at enterprise clients who want to simplify moving their IT infrastructure, software applications, and workflows to the cloud gradually or as a whole. With qibb ultimate, third-party software products can be efficiently orchestrated, managed, and analyzed either on-premise, with a single cloud provider, in a multicloud environment or in a hybrid model. System resources can be scaled according to demand as typical for the cloud while clients have the full control over the cost structure of running processes at all times.

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