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ZUMSTREAM DVEO Division emerges from stealth mode with cloud services

September 1, 2020

DVEO has created a new division called ZUMSTREAM, a cloud service for both OTT and IPTV oriented content distributors. ZUMSTREAM offers a large scope of services, everything from cloud playout, ad insertion, transcoding live, and DVR etc.

For the past four months ZUMSTREAM and its developers have been testing it’s “cloudified software” applications with a small group of early adopters. The application has the ability to reliably and rapidly scale applications on the ZUMSTREAM Cloud. ZUMSTREAM now offers the following cloud services: 1) Cloud Playout 2) Targeted Cloud Ad Insertion 3) Cloud Transcoding Live 4) DVR  5) Cloud Middleware 6) CDN  7) Stream Watch.

Coming soon ZUMSTREAM will include (SRT) and File Encoding.

“Furthermore, in providing these cloud services we have provided a one-stop-shop system. ZUMSTREAM will allow businesses the convenience and affordability to turn over their cloud management to us. We will set up the service and manage everything, which gives businesses the freedom to focus on what is truly important without having to worry about what happens behind the scenes”, stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO, DVEO.

One benefit of ZUMSTREAM is the fact that it is a subscription-based system the fees are monthly instead of having to pay a hefty price upfront. This moves CAPEX to OPEX.

“ZUMSTREAM is going to revolutionize the way companies run their businesses. It will afford more opportunities as a whole in providing a cloud infrastructure that is self-sustaining and allow companies the ability to keep their expenses down by not having to hire extra people to run the system. All in all, this is a win-win for companies especially in this day and age of COVID-19 where we have to social distance to stay safe. In addition, we are the first cloud service to provide this broad array of services within a cloud system for an affordable price. This service will also enable companies the ability to pay monthly and not be overwhelmed with a large fee upfront. It’s important to give companies more flexibility in a time where we are all money conscious and want to be able to prepare for our future business endeavors,” added Zoltan.

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