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Mediengruppe RTL tests AR programme with tagSpace

September 2, 2020

Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland is launching a content test using augmented reality together with the Australian start-up tagSpace. The Brisbane-based software company provides a proprietary solution for location-based AR experiences in cities, stadiums, festivals and other big events .

As a possible starting point for Mediengruppe RTL, a plug-in application could be used to integrate top news and the livestream of Mediengruppe RTL’s TV news channel ntv directly into locations where news is traditionally consumed, such as Cologne Central Station. In a worldwide premiere, it will also be tested to stream the ntv livestream directly within an AR tag. The new approach thus represents a promising way of linking the analog and digital worlds: while the view through the camera shows the real world environment, the AR technology blends computer graphics to show additional information about what is being seen.

As a further integration within a prototype, the development of AR theme specials at historical locations such as the Berlin Wall is planned. The partnership has come about through an accelerator programme. Mediengruppe RTL is a partner in the joint search and promotion of 5G technology applications with Quake Europe and Hubraum, the technology incubator of Deutsche Telekom. The program was particularly designed by Deutsche Telekom for young entrepreneurs with great ideas for consumer entertainment, including gaming, sports, music and augmented reality. Such applications are made possible by the new 5G networks by Deutsche Telekom.

Philipp Trunk, Head of Innovation Strategy & Processes at Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland: “With Mediengruppe RTL we are pursuing the goal of being the local hero in the information and entertainment sector. For us, this also means actively shaping the latest media developments and technologies. By partnering with tagSpace, we can offer users completely new location-based news experiences and at the same time further expand our first mover status of ntv”.

Paul Simon Martin, CEO tagSpace: “We are incredibly excited to partner with Deutsche Telekom, ntv and the leading private media group in Germany. Using the power of tagSpace AR technology and the Deutsche Telekom 5G network, we are pioneering a new way for content to be consumed using immersive technologies. Together with ntv, we will offer users a brand new, mobile-first experience for consuming information and news”.

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