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Ideal Systems launches rental service for Zoom Rooms in APAC

September 7, 2020

Ideal Systems are now offering DTEN’s new all-in-one Zoom Room video conferencing device as a rental service in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, with more countries coming online soon. The new service is targeted at Business’s, Schools, Universities and Government Departments who want to be able to roll out and easily manage Zoom Rooms in the current times of travel restrictions and social distancing.

The new service offering from Ideal Systems offers free delivery of the DTEN device, installation and set-up of the Zoom Room including integration to the users Outlook or Google Calendars for zoom call scheduling and room booking.

Cavan Ho, Regional Manager at DTEN for South East Asia, said “We are delighted to partner with Ideal Systems in the region, their ability to provide the DTEN as a rental service backed up by their installation, integration and support capabilities it makes them an ideal partner for us”

“Covid-19 has changed the global business landscape and how business is done by catalyzing the adoption of video conferencing in particular with Zoom. DTEN and Zoom have made it easy for companies to deploy Zoom Rooms, and now our new rental model makes Zoom Rooms easy to afford, manage and support,” said Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems for South East Asia.

Due to so many office people working from home because of Covid-19, nearly every office worker around the world has now heard of or uses Zoom. Although around for a few years the popularity of Zoom video conferencing has exploded this year in response to the global pandemic. Lockdowns took place so quickly businesses and their staff did not have much time to react. Many office staff armed with just a mobile phone and a laptop started their unplanned pandemic work from home regime. Many businesses and schools turned to Zoom to stay connected with the easy to use video conference solution that works seamlessly on mobile devices and portable laptops. Now that many people are returning to the office and school, Zoom is becoming even more popular as travel restrictions make business travel difficult or impossible for meetings and schools move to support remote learning. Hence an easy to use video conference system has a vital new importance with a need to do business while social distancing and battle against the spread of Covid-19. Many offices already have corporate video conference solutions set up in the board room that were only intermittently used by the senior executives. Now because of Covid-19 the office world is using video conferencing with great gusto. Many of these older solutions were quite difficult to install and use, with separate control pads, speakers, microphones and tilting and zooming cameras all wired back to a LED TV or projector. That was too complicated for frequent and easy use and very difficult to manage over multiple classrooms or meeting rooms. Now with the new all-in-one unit, DTEN have massively simplified all that. Now a Zoom Room can be set up and operational for video conferencing in a few minutes using a single all-in-one device. The DTEN comes preinstalled with Zoom and is ready to go as soon as you connect to the internet. With no separate speakers, microphones or cameras to worry about, the DTEN is quick and easy to wall mount for a Zoom Room or to trolly mount for a mobile huddle space or classroom and is maintained remotely over the Zoom cloud for support.

The secret of DTEN is its simplicity, all the cameras, wires, microphones and speakers extras are gone, it’s Zoom Room in a Box, and as easy to use as if were an app smart phone, but on a commercial 55” or 75” for meeting rooms, huddle spaces and classrooms. The DTEN has a 4K camera that can track presenters and a 16 element microphone array that can focus on the person speaking anywhere in the room with a powerful on-board computer and a DSP developed with Zoom to ensure clear audio and minimize distracting background noise. The operating system has been locked down to ensure security and ease of use with updates being managed via the Zoom Portal. Zoom and DTEN have streamlined and simplified the remote conference process, from booking meetings to instantly sharing content with participants, allowing businesses to maximize efficiency in communication. The RED DOT award winning device also comes with touch screen enabling it as a digital whiteboard with functionality for annotating documents and graphics within Zoom calls. Copies of the whiteboard can be emailed directly from the screen. The DTEN also supports wireless screen sharing for users who want to present content direct from their laptop, so there is no more fiddling with VGA or HDMI cables, just a seamless easy presentation.

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