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Australia: OzTAM adds co-viewing to VPM Report

September 10, 2020

OzTAM has introduced connected TV (CTV) co-viewing data to its Video Player Measurement (VPM) Report.

This enhancement evolves the VPM service from a 1:1 people-to-device measure for broadcaster VoD (BVoD) to reflect that people often watch BVoD content together on a CTV.

Co-viewing expands on the demographic profiles that OzTAM introduced to the VPM service in early 2019 and is an important component of VOZ, Australia’s forthcoming all-screen, cross-platform planning and reporting database.

CTV viewing accounts for approximately 50 per cent of BVoD consumption, and up to 95 per cent of that occurs with one, two or three people watching. Accordingly, the introduction of co-viewing data reveals an additional 20-25 per cent of BVoD viewing that was not previously reported.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “We know from our technology, the robust OzTAM panel and our demographic modelling that many people watch TV together on the biggest and best screen in the home. Increasingly, that’s a connected TV, as 48 per cent of Australian households now have at least one.  VPM co-viewing enables us to report that shared BVoD consumption, taking us beyond a 1:1 people-to-device ratio to now model the size of overall BVoD viewership, and uncovering 20-25 per cent of the BVoD audience that until now was not reported.”

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