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Research: Finns favour TV screen for streaming

September 16, 2020

A TV screen is still the most popular choice for keeping up with the content in paid streaming services in Finland according to DNA’s Digital Lifestyle survey. DNA Hubi device, based on the open Android ecosystem, combines various streaming services in one place and enables you to watch shows on the large TV screen you have at home in the best possible quality. The latest application compatible with DNA Hubi is the new streaming service Disney+, which was launched in Finland today.

The Digital Lifestyle survey, commissioned by DNA and implemented by research institute Nepa at the end of March, reveals that TV content is most typically viewed on the free channels on TV (73 per cent) and free streaming services (73 per cent). Already half of the respondents (50 per cent) report that they use paid streaming services. This is more common than average in age groups 16–24 years (70 per cent), 25–34 years (71 per cent) and 35–44 years (61 per cent). Just under half of the respondents (45 per cent) watch TV content online. More than one in four (26 per cent) are already watching TV content with a TV service provided by an operator.

The majority (68 per cent) of the respondents think that it is important that movies, TV shows, sports and other TV programmes are available conveniently in one place. Three out of four (74 per cent) want to watch TV content regardless of the showtimes, while approximately half (48 per cent) consider it important that applications for mobile devices can also be used on the TV screen.

The most common TV device at homes is still the so-called ordinary television, which around 55 per cent of the respondents have. The age group 65–74-year-olds (73 per cent) is more likely than average to have a traditional TV. The number of smart TVs (48 per cent) and 4K televisions (19 per cent) is growing, and more and more people are acquiring a set-top box from an operator (27 per cent), such as DNA TV Hubi.

According to DNA’s survey, people perceive binge watching of TV shows as relaxing (37 per cent), and it also creates joy (17 per cent), enthusiasm (15 per cent) and makes you forget your worries (14  per cent).


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