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Supersphere unveils ArcRunner

September 16, 2020

Supersphere has introduced ArcRunner, a new platform for the live entertainment industry, creating a new path for artist performances in the physical and virtual worlds.

ArcRunner arrives at a time when the live entertainment industry seeks to find ways to recreate the magic and fan experience of a live performance. ArcRunner can create any world imaginable for artists to perform in or even recreate the stagecraft from a full global tour production; it can fully and accurately recreate an artist’s existing stage layout, set design, lighting grid, and so on.

“Our goal at Supersphere has always been to bring fans closer to the things they love, and our world needs those connections now more than ever,” stated Lucas Wilson, Supershphere founder and executive producer. “ArcRunner makes a high-level toolset approachable, and gives a creative team the ability to work on a live, virtual show together, like they would at a physical show. Lighting Directors control their grid in realtime. Visual artists mix their work live to the music. And performers continue to expand how they reach their audiences.”

Until now, available virtual production toolsets have been bespoke and expensive. ArcRunner is designed for scale, portability, and cost efficiency, allowing a wider range of artists and teams than ever before to stage virtual productions and make a more meaningful connection with fans.

Creative teams including lighting directors and live audio engineers can also operate in real time during the performance, creating an experience that bridges the gap between virtual and physical performances.

Supersphere is a live production and broadcast company focused on creating world class immersive experiences for artists and fans. To date, performances produced and broadcast by Supersphere have included Billie Eilish, Post Malone, Offset and Friends, Vince Staples, Paul McCartney, Wiz Khalifa, Michelle Obama, and over 90 bands totalling 50 + hours of concerts from SXSW 2019. Broadcast innovations from Supersphere also include the first ever network TV broadcast using the “Tiny Planet” effect when Kesha performed her new single “Resentment” on The Late Late Show With James Corden in January, 2020.

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