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ZTE claims 5G NR broadcast first

September 30, 2020

Mobile Internet consumer technology solutions provider ZTE has launched what it claims is the industry’s first broadcast service based on the 5G NR physical layer technology at Ultra High Definition Video (Beijing) Production Technology Collaboration Center, realising end-to-end 5G HD video broadcast service on 700MHz spectrum.

Based on 5G NR broadcast, multiple terminal users can simultaneously receive 5G radio broadcast signals with one set of radio resources, and the number of users is not limited. The HD video broadcast service will promote the standardisation of broadcast/multicast services, integrating media with 5G.

The end-to-end broadcast service is implemented on 30MHz 700M spectrum, with the connection of 5G core network and the video server as broadcasting media input. The broadcast video programme can transmit multiple channels of 1080P HD videos/4K HD videos.

Moreover, the broadcast service has adopted the ‘Free to Air’ mode, so that all 700M terminals supporting broadcast functions can receive synchronised 5G NR broadcast videos, without occupying more air interface resources as the number of accessed users increases.

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