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Limelight Networks helps Katapy reduce latency and scale

October 1, 2020

Limelight Networks, a provider of content delivery network (CDN) and edge cloud services, has announced another edge compute partnership with Katapy, a fast growing global online video platform company. Katapy is tapping into the power of Limelight’s edge computing and CDN services to advance its customers’ online video experiences, reduce cost, and scale to meet increasing demand for its video services.

As part of its customer experience improvement initiative, Katapy determined that Limelight’s edge compute environment is the right move for their OVP software. This allows them to be on-net, which reduces backend infrastructure management and overhead. It also brings customer media management and delivery into Limelight’s private fiber network and distributed edge datacenters giving the best customer experience. By using Limelight’s edge compute solutions, which provides access to a range of dedicated physical servers in Limelight Points-of-Presence (PoPs), Katapy can access compute power where and when needed. It has direct access to Limelight’s global network to onboard content locally, seamlessly deliver around the globe and scale to support a customer base growing 10 times this year alone.

“Limelight provides us with a high performance model for compute and delivery at the edge and allows us to reduce costs, reduce latency and scale to meet our significant growth demands around the world,” said Stuart Bishop, Co-founder at Katapy. “Our customers are media people, not engineers, working together with Limelight we provide them a complete one-of-a kind solution for delivering their content and improving viewer experiences. Limelight is leading the way with edge solutions and working as an extension of our team to find the best solutions to meet our goals.”

“Katapy recognizes the many benefits of edge computing solutions in delivering online video today and the power edge computing gives them for future innovation, improved customer experiences and growth,” said Steve Miller-Jones, VP, Edge Strategic & Solutions Architecture at Limelight. “Katapy is a great example of a forward-thinking company that’s leveraging Limelight’s edge capabilities and network to support long-term growth, and meet increasing customer demands.”

Limelight’s edge compute services are part of the company’s leading edge offering, which ranges from dedicated compute capabilities to serverless environments. All edge services from Limelight have direct access to the company’s private IP backbone, peering relationships with 1,000+ ISPs, and CDN. As a result, customers can easily deploy applications and code closest to where it’s being consumed, reducing latency and costs while ensuring optimal customer experiences.


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