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VeEX launches the CX380C advanced plant maintenance test solution

October 5, 2020

VeEX, a global player in innovative test and measurement solutions for next-generation networks, has introduced the CX380C advanced outside plant (OSP) maintenance handheld test set designed for DOCSIS 3.1/4.0 network maintenance.

As the industry’s first full-featured HFC OSP tester ready for DOCSIS 4.0, the CX380C’s highlights include:

  • A fast and powerful Spectrum Analyzer with up to 1.8 GHz range
  • Forward Path Sweep to 1.8 GHz and Return Path Sweep to 204 MHz, fully compatible with VeEX’s CaLan® 3010H+ Sweep system
  • Coax TDR for fault location
  • Digital Multimeter for amplifier power feed verification and cable fault detection
  • High power Optical Power Meter with up to +25 dBm range specifically valuable in RFOG and DAA/R-PHY environments

“Our new CX380C is specifically designed to address key test requirements at the upper spectrum limits of DOCSIS 3.1 and 4.0,” said Steve Kim, Director of Product Marketing, CATV Solutions. “Using the additional built-in physical layer test tools, the maintenance technician is properly equipped to accomplish multiple tasks with just one test set.”

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