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Sony’s Memnon introduces DARS.MEDIA

October 7, 2020

Memnon, a Sony company, and provider of services to digitize, restore and preserve archives, has announced DARS.MEDIA, a new video marketplace to make footage more accessible and discoverable for professionals.

DARS.MEDIA delivers deep insights into archival content, making footage more accessible and discoverable. Its smart content discovery platform offers creators and producers content curated with care and no clutter to stand in the way of them discovering the right content for their productions.

It gives creative and media professionals a new content licensing solution, one that combines a top-level offering and a modern discovery platform powered with AI. By removing some of the legwork of finding relevant content in archives, it lets you focus on creating exceptional stories. With an established background in content licensing, the DARS team can help users research and discover the right content, determine how to clear it and create project boards online.

“The core part of our mission is to make our customers’ archives, media collections and libraries accessible, discoverable and usable for new content and new stories,” comments Baku Morikuni, Head of Memnon. “With DARS.MEDIA, we have built a platform to make archives more discoverable and easier to license for production while allowing archive holders to make the most out of their collections. Our team includes licensing experts to help rights holders monetize their footage and to help producers elevate their next project with authentic archival material. We offer various models:  the representation of content assets on our public marketplace or as white label managed service for public and closed audiences.”

“We believe that the pandemic spurred archival-based production and we believe DARS.MEDIA delivers a timely solution to support archive holders even further by boosting their content discovery and creating a new revenue stream.”

DARS.MEDIA help rights holders monetize and promote their content assets. In addition to providing an end-to-end solution to licensing, it offers white-label managed services dedicated to their brand, content and users. Rights holders can leverage the marketplace and offer content for licensing to a global audience of professional users with no running costs. Whether you own archival footage, footage clips, b-rolls or programme clips, there is unprecedented potential for new content and new uses.

DARS.MEDIA is passionate about building a collection of carefully curated content that will enhance any production and are dedicated to ensuring that past events and memories can live on in new stories and content.

Part of the Sony Group since July 2015, DARS is a service of the Memnon Archiving Services, the global experts on archival content and supports some of the biggest names in Media, Entertainment and Sports as well as Heritage Organisations.

Hiroshi Kajita, Head of Sony Media Solutions adds, “The addition of DARS.MEDIA to the Memnon offering is another great example of how the Sony Intelligent Media Services division is providing agile and scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of any creator or professional to bring value to their content. With DARS.MEDIA, Memnon is providing creative media professionals with the tools to make footage more accessible, easier to source and other services dedicated to their needs. The launch of DARS.MEDIA is testament to our mission of continuing to pioneer new products and services that will drive business transformation across Europe”.

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