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TM Forum: “Flexible, automated billing key to boost 5G revenue”

October 7, 2020

As the global 5G market is forecast to boost digital innovation and economic growth worldwide to $24 billion by 2025, operators need a flexible and dynamic charging system to monetise the complexity of customer demands, says Martin Laesch, Chief Technology Officer of Neural Technologies, speaking at TM Forum Digital Transformation World.

“To accelerate the monetisation of new business models and services across industries and applications worldwide, a flexible and agile billing process is needed to maximise all avenues of monetisation,” said Laesch. “With 5G slicing enabling volumes of new services, traditional billing processes will not cope with the masses of unique customer demands. An automated and dynamic process is the only way for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to monetise services in real-time and boost revenue.”

In a complex operating environment, an automated, flexible multi-tariff process will be key to CSPs who want to lead digital innovation and economic growth worldwide. Neural Technologies’ Optimus Charging solution offers consolidated billing to enable CSPs to deliver differentiated, real-time services.

“The traditional way of billing with multiple services, platforms and invoices to process will create payment chaos in a 5G world,” Laesch added. “To meet personalised customer demands, a consolidated automated billing process is the only way to create the agility, flexibility and scalability that is needed to match the business opportunities in the 5G ecosystem.”

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