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Technetix launches DBT-1800C

October 12, 2020

Technetix has announced its latest innovation with the launch of the DBT-1800C. It is no coincidence, says the company, that this announcement is made in the same week that the industry staple, the GainMaker, is discontinued. If you are concerned about replacement modules for existing GainMakers in your network, then Technetix has a solution and more importantly a next-generation product for future network upgrades.

The DBT-1200C and DBT-1800C, or ‘Gamechanger’, as Technetix likes to call it, is not only compatible with the Cisco GainMaker module, it takes it to a new level. The DBT-1800C is superior to the original, offering some major advantages including full digital and remote control, complete modularity, increased flexibility and it is Extended Spectrum DOCSIS ready. With all Gamechanger features controllable from anywhere, deployment times and costs will be reduced by half, whilst ongoing operational costs will also decrease considerably. The DBT product incorporates all the smart control features of the proven Technetix DBx system, which has one million amplifiers and nodes in the field.

Jan Ariesen, Chief Technology Officer, says, “This module replacement is the only GainMaker- compatible distribution amplifier with full remote control and an increased bandwidth to 1800 MHz, all of which is placed inside a completely modular unit. The Gamechanger will increase the capacity and therefore the revenue potential of broadband networks while reducing operational costs”.

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