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InterDigital, Blacknut cloud-gaming partnership

October 15, 2020

InterDigital, a mobile and video technology research and development company, has announced a new initiative with cloud-gaming specialist Blacknut dedicated to developing technologies that improve and enhance the performance of existing gaming technology, including new features that will augment and expand the cloud gaming experience in the future.

The new collaboration will leverage InterDigital’s extensive technology expertise, including decades of leadership in advanced video and streaming media delivery and communications technology, alongside Blacknut’s unique knowledge of cloud gaming services. The company’s state-of-the-art cloud gaming platform already serves millions of game sessions to thousands of gamers worldwide.

Working together, InterDigital and Blacknut will tackle emerging challenges in cloud gaming experiences while testing InterDigital’s innovative concepts for new interactive experiences using Blacknut’s established gaming platform. The collaborative research will focus on improving the media delivery aspects of the gaming ecosystem and targeting solutions to lower latency and reduce jitters, while enabling increasingly immersive and interactive multi-player gaming experiences. The new research will draw upon InterDigital’s track record in streaming media and communications technologies, AI and Machine Learning, and expertise acquired by developing standards essential patents.

“With the potential to grow to more than 3.5 billion gamers by 2024, InterDigital aims to stay at the forefront of leading research organizations in the world of next-gen gaming. The key drivers of cloud gaming growth – network architecture, video streaming and content delivery – all reflect our areas of expertise,” said Henry Tirri, Chief Technology Officer at InterDigital. “Collaborations with gaming companies like Blacknut provide a meaningful opportunity to shape the development of future cloud gaming technologies, solutions, and experiences.”

“The rapid adoption of cloud gaming after many years of hype is a testament to the many innovations from companies like InterDigital that have made streaming something as complex as a video game possible,” said Olivier Avaro, CEO and founder of Blacknut. “I’m sure that our collaboration will lead to some exciting new developments, creating new technologies which will benefit gamers everywhere.”

InterDigital and Blacknut’s three-year collaboration commitment complements the companies’ existing work to develop and introduce the world’s first cloud gaming solution with an AI and machine learning-enabled user interface. The collaboration represented the first time an AI-driven user interface was utilized, without the need for a wearable device, with a live cloud gaming solution. The solution demonstrated the far-reaching potential of integrating localized and far-Edge enabled AI capabilities into gaming experiences.

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