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iDance Music chooses OKAST to launch classical and contemporary dance app

October 15, 2020

Dance classes for amateurs, specific work sessions for advanced or professional dancers, each teacher and each dancer of classical or contemporary dance will find on iDance Music the music adapted to his or her session.

The company Dance Arts Production founded in 2001 by Laurent Choukroun, Head of Singing at the Paris Opera Ballet School, has just launched the iDance Music platform and mobile application.

iDance Music is the world’s first streaming application for classical and contemporary dance. It offers thousands of pieces of music composed for dancers, with a choice of musicians based on the quality, professionalism and rigor of this Art.

Laurent Choukroun has chosen OKAST as the technical white-label solution to develop iDance Music. “Beyond the technological tool, OKAST is the assurance to be advised, accompanied, guided towards lands that were until now imaginary. With the OKAST team, we were able to exchange and create a custom platform specialized in dance that corresponds in every way to our idea” explains Laurent Choukroun, Director of Dance Arts Production and Head of Singing at the Paris Opera Ballet School.

“We are delighted to support iDance Music in launching such a rich and innovative music service. A modern user interface, the relevance, and quality of the content, the very wide range of renowned artists in classical music, are the key elements for the success of the service and demonstrate that Spotify or Deezer are not inevitable” commented Cédric Monnier, co-founder and CEO of FlameFy and

With this new partnership, OKAST continues to develop its service offer by allowing the creation of platforms and applications specifically dedicated to audio: music and podcast.

In addition to the standard features proposed by OKAST (player with adaptive bitrate streaming, advanced data analytics, algorithmic recommendations, multi-language management etc.) the new platform offers:

– A redesigned interface for audio format consumption: display of music playlists, adapted mini-player, etc.

– A “custom playlist” feature that allows users (dancers and dance teachers) to create their own playlists.

– A deployment in native applications for mobile and tablet devices (iOS and Android)

– A video category in order to diversify the experience to offer exclusive content (documentaries) and eventually dance classes.



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