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Marquess of Antella donates 1,000 masks to primary school children

October 15, 2020

Álvaro Sánchez García de Viedma Marquess of Antella, member of ‘’Diputación de la Grandeza y Titulos del Reino’’, businessman and CEO of Integrasys, software company within the satellite industry, contributes to the fight against Covid-19, by donating 1,000 masks to the Michelet school, located in the town of Antella, Italy, and inviting other nobles and businessmen to take similar actions, where corresponds.

Álvaro inherited the title of Marquess of Antella in 2018, and since then, he has always considered the people of this small town in the south of Florence his family, especially the young students of the Michelet primary school, which he visited during Easter 2019. During the time he was in the hospital due to Covid-19, he thought about the children who were returning to school and had to take care of themselves now more than ever. In the letter he wrote for them he says, ”I invite you to appreciate your colleagues even more, and think, what if they are not tomorrow? Now that you can tell them how you feel about them, give them your love, realize that there is nothing more important in the world than family and friendship. ”

Álvaro Sánchez Garcia de Viedma Marquess of Antella’s visit to the Michelet school in 2019

After having suffered the virus severely, Álvaro wanted to strengthen the security and health of the school, of the town where his marquisate belongs. Álvaro wanted to show the gratitude and affection he feels for the people of Antella, who have always welcomed him with open arms. “I have suffered Covid-19 virus during the last weeks – writes the businessman -, for children being save, and do not suffer as I suffered, I donate 1000 certified masks for you to be safe”.

Maria Luisa Rainaldi, director of the educational center, was in charge of distributing the thousand surgical masks for the children bagged and marked according to the CE.

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