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October 20, 2020

PUSH, a live entertainment technology company, has announced PUSH LIVE UNLIMITED, a groundbreaking technology empowering artists, rights holders and brands to simultaneously stream customized live content to an unlimited number of digital destinations including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok and Twitter, as well as nearly every other live streaming platform. This technology gives live content creators and owners greater control of their content, optimizing their audience, engagement and interactions, opening up exciting new prospects for the live industry.

Major festivals, such as Insomniac’s EDC Mexico, have leveraged the PUSH LIVE UNLIMITED platform to increase its digital audience by over 300%, distributing the three-day multi-stage festival to 87 curated live streams across artist and partner channels. Brands including Xbox, Warner Music and supporters of social movements such as Black Lives Matter have also partnered with PUSH to share live content with targeted audiences.

The new cloud-based technology empowers the embattled live entertainment industry to engage larger audiences and develop new forms of revenue via digital distribution. An unlimited number of customized streams means content owners can reach their audience in a more personal and meaningful way by transforming a single live event into a personalised experience for each chosen channel, with bespoke content, languages, graphics and sponsorships, which can be intelligently targeted to specific audiences.

In the last three months PUSH LIVE UNLIMITED has worked with key partners to power:

  • Over 1000 customised live streams shared across the globe, with hundreds of targeted geographic streams to 15 separate countries
  • Empowered artists and rights holders to reach over 500 million digital audience members

Phil Tucker, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, PUSH, said, “With the live entertainment industry losing vast revenues, paralysed by the uncertainty of how and when it will recover, we’ve created a solution that ensures the show will always go on. Our technology empowers a new world of co-hosted content, engaging audiences via the channels they know and trust, with streams that are customised to their taste, behaviour and demographic. This new approach is redefining the value of the live moment for the entertainment industry.”

PUSH LIVE UNLIMITED democratises the distribution of live entertainment, delivering unlimited co-hosted and simulcast streams, generating super-scaled live audiences and spawning new forms of digital live revenues. It is platform agnostic and has the power to deliver customized content across all digital platforms, giving content owners the power to optimise audience reach, engagement, and monetisation in the live moment. This is not possible through existing linear broadcast methods or other online distribution technologies.

PUSH technology operates in-the-cloud, making it possible to manage and distribute huge scale live streamed events from a single laptop, operated remotely, from anywhere on the planet. This versatility allows live production teams to partner with any content creator to deliver a world leading live experience, at the fraction of the cost of traditional on-the-ground solutions.

The ability to distribute an unlimited number of customized streams means content owners can reach new audiences through simultaneously casting multiple streams and co-hosting on relevant partner channels and platforms. Used in conjunction with PUSH’s unique data products, content owners can take control of their audience distribution and optimization to maximize engagement on a global scale.

PUSH LIVE UNLIMITED is a scalable solution available to every artist, rights holder, brand or sponsor looking for an innovative audience engagement solution. From large, multi-act festivals, to at-home gigs, every single live performance will benefit from this new technology.

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