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Mexico: izzi uses Edgeware for live OTT subtitling

October 27, 2020

Edgeware has announced that izzi, Mexico’s largest cable TV operator, will expand its existing Edgeware TV CDN platform with the addition of new OCR subtitling features for its izzi TV service. This will enable them to add Spanish subtitles on the fly across 75 channels, ensuring full support for accurately displayed subtitles on all devices and content. It will also allow viewers to activate and deactivate subtitles as they wish.

“Being able to provide accurate and robust subtitling across a range of formats and device types is an important requirement for our service,” said Carlos Eduardo Romero, Video and Hubs Director at izzi. “By enhancing the accessibility of our content, we’re able to offer our customers a more engaging, higher-quality experience and support the future growth of our OTT content delivery.”

“izzi’s deployment highlights the strategic importance of Edgeware’s acquisition of subtitling experts Cavena last year, as we strive to develop technology for internet-enabled TV services beyond broadcast,” said Johan Bolin, chief product and technology officer at Edgeware. “As OTT services continue to attract more and more end users, subtitling must be at the same high quality as it is for traditional broadcast viewing – and be delivered across all screens. Furthermore, subtitling is increasingly important to facilitate new user behaviour. With more people watching TV on the go, and therefore in noisy environments, it’s essential for subtitles to complement the audio and enhance the viewing experience.”

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