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Filmzie launches in UK

October 30, 2020

By Colin Mann

Free movie streaming and social platform Filmzie is now available as a channel on Samsung TV Plus in the UK as it continues its mission to connect with the nation’s film lovers.

The launch sees Filmzie run as a linear channel on Samsung TV Plus, meaning it will be seamlessly integrated to its viewers’ connected TVs – there are no programmes or additional applications to download.

Part of this linear experience is Filmzie’s Advertising-based Video on Demand (AVoD) offering for users, meaning that all of the films in the Filmzie catalogue are just a click away. As an AVoD platform, the service is advertising supported, rather than requiring payment of any additional subscription or membership.

Filmzie has over 1,000 titles in its catalogue. It is designed for film fans eager to discover new movies and offers expertly curated films from a broad collection of both iconic and new works. Serving as more than just a film library, Filmzie allows its viewers to build communities for discovering, discussing, and reviewing movies.

For film aficionados and the casual viewer alike, Filmzie boasts a growing list of titles ranging from timeless classics to new releases from both major studios and indie producers. These titles include Taika Waititi’s cult favourite What We Do in The Shadows, legendary Korean director Park Chan Wook’s Lady Vengeance and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, and Deception, which features the Oscar-winning Geoffrey Rush.

“Movies are there to be watched, not hidden away behind paywalls by big corporations to line their own pockets,” asserted Matej Boda, CEO of Filmzie. “The film industry needs to support all the different, clever, entertaining, and passionately made movies out there. Films have the power to change opinions; to bewilder us, astonish us and bring joy to our lives, and we are democratizing films. We’re giving people access to great dramas, documentaries, comedies, art-house, and all the wonderful other genres between or that defy definition. We know that people understand that films cost money and producers, especially the small indies, deserve to be paid. Our AVoD model means viewers see fewer, targeted ads – in the knowledge that in return they get access to a world of fantastic films. A price worth paying.”

Filmzie is also available as an iOS and Android app via the Samsung Galaxy Store and Google Play, or through web browsers, the service is structured around carefully curated themes, to help optimise discoverability and introduce ‘new’ titles to curious audiences.

Filmzie’s UK service is the first in what is planned as a multi-market international roll-out. Additional territories and platforms are expected to follow later in 2020 and next year with localised catalogues.



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