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AVIA publishes governance framework for OCC services

November 4, 2020

The Asia Video Industry Association (AVIA), the trade association for the video industry and ecosystem in Asia Pacific, has announced the publication of the governance framework for online curated content (OCC) services designed to deliver “concrete” commitments and standards in order to deepen discussions with APAC regulators and empower consumers.

AVIA states that OCC services are transforming the way that content is created and consumed in Asia and around the world, expanding markets and options for creators and empowering consumers to safely view the professional content they select whenever, wherever and on whichever device they choose.

The association defines OCC services as online video streaming offers which provide a fully curated content catalogue. Their unique characteristics distinguishing them from other online video services are said to include social media and user-generated content, as well as pay-TV and broadcast TV. OCC services are operated by professional media companies, and have suitable technology at their disposal to more effectively ensure controls and take responsibility for the content they distribute.

The new framework is a response to high customer expectation in the region that OCC service providers curate their content well with ratings and advisorie,.

Within its provisions, the framework proposes various industry actions that include systems of control by way of parental control features, programme ratings, advisories and consumer feedback mechanisms. It also proposes a notification process overseen by the regulator to ensure accountability, and formal industry-regulator consultations to continue to improve the framework.

The Governance Framework is designed to encourage growth of the OCC sector, and ensure the progressive adoption of higher standards by a greater number of curated service operators.

“OCC industry leaders have already demonstrated their commitment to responsibility and ensuring accountability,” said AVIA CEO Louis Boswell. “This framework will help guide our members, and hopefully governments, to act in good faith and closely collaborate as this nascent sector continues to evolve. And, more importantly, it will give consumers confidence in the content provided by the OCC sector without the need for burdensome regulation on top.”

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