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ironSource Aura launches in Russia

November 5, 2020

ironSource Aura, the engagement platform for mobile carriers and OEMs, has launched its mobile app distribution platform in the Russian market. The company gives local app marketers the unique opportunity to run performance campaigns on millions of devices, from the moment a user first sets up their device and throughout the device’s lifecycle. By creating partnerships with device manufacturers and carriers in Russia, Aura has made the inventory of these companies accessible through a seamless, automated and dynamic solution.

The company is already working with Samsung Russia, along with a wide variety of OEMs. This allows them to reach a critical mass of Android devices in the Russian market, with more devices  being activated every day.

During this high engagement touchpoint, Aura offers users a native onboarding experience, enabling them to set up their new device with content that fits their needs and interests. This creates an opportune moment for advertisers to get their app in front of their ideal customers. The engagement continues throughout the lifecycle of the device, where powered by Aura’s AI and machine learning capabilities, advertisers can deliver valuable content at relevant and high-engagement touchpoints.

“Aura creates a win-win solution for all parties – the advertiser, the device manufacturer and, most importantly, to the users themselves,” explains Anatoly Dehtiar, Partnership Lead at ironSource Aura in Russia. “By providing smart app recommendations, users have full power to customize their device with the apps they want and need, ultimately improving their overall device experience and increasing brand loyalty for the OEM and carrier.”

Aura is currently live on over 130 million devices worldwide through its partnerships with leading carriers and OEMs.

“Our technology has been operating very successfully in the US and Europe for many years, and we’re excited to now bring it to the Russian market,” explains Dehtiar. “It’s a unique advertising opportunity to reach device owners at such specific and high engagement touchpoints, and we’re proud to be the first and only solution in the local market making this available for the Russian advertising community. We’re already generating over 5 million app installs on Russian devices every month, and we’re looking forward to working closer with local advertisers as we watch this number spike.”

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