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Nautical Channel launches new website

November 5, 2020

Nautical Channel has launched a new website, the TV broadcaster dedicated to nautical programming, owned by the Vértice 360 Group, has started a new phase. “The renovation of the website is one of the first actions to be carried out, which forms part of an ambitious transformation plan for Nautical Channel”, says Pablo Pereiro Lage, President of Vértice360.

Nautical Channel is the only 24/7 global TV broadcaster dedicated to nautical programming, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on sailing, powerboating, surfing sports and plenty of lifestyle programs through travels and adventures. All the latest news from the nautical industry, from the biggest sports events to the latest technological releases.

Coinciding with the launch of the new website, Nautical Channel announces that it will broadcasting the live departure of the “Vendée Globe”, one of the most important international sailing events. It is the only sailing race round the world, solo, non-stop and without assistance, which occurs every 4 years.

Nautical Channel offers the best content on current affairs of the nautical world, like La Vendée Globe, mentioned above. Each month it broadcasts a new episode of Sailing to Tokyo the monthly magazine dedicated to the story of Olympic Sailing. New series have been included in the next months’ programming, the luxurious Inside Superyachts, a six-part series on the design and craftsmanship of the world’s most amazing superyachts; Perilous Sea a transcontinental cold-water surfing odyssey capturing the raw spirit of the sport. Four new exclusive episodes of Nautical Channel’s Discovering series, from November, each month the audience will be taken to discover hidden paradises of the Eagan Sea: Halki, Chalki, Symi and Rhodes.

Vértice 360 Group, presided by Mr. Pablo Pereiro Lage, adquired Nautical Channel in March 2019. The Channel has 20 million household reach in 50 countries, broadcasting in English, French and Greek subtitles. It is on over 70 platforms on Satellite, Cable, OTT, Mobile, Sport Clubs and Commercial Premises. Vértice 360 ​​is working to bring this channel to Spanish screens soon.

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