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Study: HbbTV tops German platform reach

November 10, 2020

The open HbbTV standard, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Tizen are the most common TV access methods in German living rooms, according to an updated study on platform reach from digital TV solutions specialist TeraVolt, compiled with the support of a twelve-member expert panel and market research institute Facit.

In terms of actual usage, the TV platforms of Telekom, Vodafone and Sky have conquered very prominent places as well, says the firm. Meanwhile, Comcast subsidiary Metrological holds the biggest promise for the upcoming years.

While Amazon Fire TV (4.3 million households) has the third highest reach behind HbbTV (15.3 million) and Tizen (9 million), it falls behind Magenta TV (Deutsche Telekom), Metrological, Foxxum and Android TV in terms of actual usage. In particular, Metrological, on whose solutions Sky and Vodafone rely, is likely to play a significant role in the German TV market of the future.

TeraVolt forecasts that Metrological will increase its range by 31 per cent annually and climb to second place in actual use by 2024. Samsung’s Tizen will drop to fourth place, while HbbTV will remain the undisputed number one.

According to TeraVolt, TV apps are highly relevant because people’s user behaviour is constantly changing. Through streaming services and TV media libraries, a ‘de-linearisation’ is taking place which will intensify in the coming years.

“Vodafone and as well as Tele Columbus already rely on Metrological’s App Store,” notes Tobias Künkel, Managing Partner at TeraVolt. “The Comcast subsidiary will therefore grow into one of the most important platforms for TV apps in Germany and could even become more important than Tizen and Amazon Fire TV.”

Notwithstanding, he also attributes a lot of power to Amazon. “Amazon is now present in more living rooms with its app-enabled devices than Telekom, Vodafone, Sky or Google. With its Prime offer, Amazon offers a product that enables direct identification, data acquisition and billing of its customers. These are important factors for long-term success and customer loyalty.”


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