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SABC slashes workforce

November 13, 2020

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s public broadcaster SABC is to cut 400 jobs in its latest attempt to curb expenses.

While the 400 lost jobs will worry the broadcaster’s powerful unions, it is less than the 600 talked about earlier this year. Additionally, another 97 jobs will be outsourced.

An SABC statement said: “The SABC is fully cognisant of the fact that this process will affect people’s livelihoods and, moreover, have a knock-on effect on their families and communities. However, having exhausted all other options, we are now faced with the difficult task of having to restructure the organisation to ensure its sustainability.”

SABC has attempted to ameliorate the potential damage and impact from strikes and says it has held many discussions with employees and labour unions over the past 4 months and “significantly exceeding” its statutory obligations.

Other SABC plans under consideration is a 3-year wage freeze, cutting staff holidays from 35 days to 28 and reducing paid sick leave from the current 30 days-per-year to 36 days in a three-year continuous period.

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