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Promptlink Technology chosen by First Media

November 20, 2020

Promptlink Communications, a provider of software applications for broadband network management and customer premise equipment testing, has been chosen by First Media, one of the leading cable TV and fixed broadband internetproviders inIndonesia operated by PT Link Net Tbk (LINK),to provide Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) and Network Noise Localization solutions to help First Media optimize customer’s broadband experiences.

Promptlink’s network monitoring and diagnostics suite will assist First Media to direct network technicians to specific network components affected by network noise and other issues that impact First Media’s customers. Utilizing Patent-Pending algorithmsto analyze data, Network NoiseHawk accurately pinpoints network noise and geographically displays it for First Media, allowing for quick correction of noise issues. The addition of Proactive Network Maintenance tools and Network NoiseHawk to Promptlink Cable Plant Monitoring (CPM) reinforces First Media’s commitment to providing their customers with the highest quality broadband services.

“Promptlink,together with our local partner in Indonesia, PT Multipolar Technology Tbk, is committed to helping Link Net’s First Media in their mission to deliver the highest performance, most dependable network possible,” saidDr. Foad Towfiq, President and CEO of Promptlink Communications. “By choosing Promptlink’s advanced network diagnostic tools, First Media is demonstrating their pledge to find and correct network impairments as they occur.”

“Continuous network improvement and technological advancement are part of our commitment to our customers. In selecting Promptlink’s NoiseHawk and PNM tools, First Media is investing in the network to guarantee a better experience,” according to Edward Sanusi, Chief of Technology & Product Officer PT Link Net Tbk. “During this situation where everybody works and learnsfrom home, it is crucial to have the technology that will provide significant insights from our network performance and health status. With this technology, we can proactively monitor our network, and if there is a problem, we can rectify it faster.”

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