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Zattoo HbbTV hybrid 4K set top

November 23, 2020

Zattoo has launched hybrid HbbTV software on its latest Android TV Operator Tier certified 4K STB. It says HbbTV on the Android box gives its operator customers the flexibility to benefit from the latest TV technology while continuing access to their existing features and functionality.

The Android TV 4K set-top box has been deployed by platform customers and can be used by any operator or media company who wants to expand their IPTV/OTT offering. First customers are 1&1, a DSL and mobile communications provider in Germany, Swiss telco Azienda Multiservizi Bellinzona (AMB), and the Swiss network operator senseLAN.

“By implementing HbbTV within the Zattoo Android TV application, we have the opportunity to further enhance this experience by engaging the viewer from within the context they are consuming content from,” said Michal Jurczyk, Android tech lead at Zattoo.

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