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Meetrics partners with Xandr

November 24, 2020

Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company and Meetrics, the European measurement and analysis company, are developing a joint solution for more precise control of the programmatic purchasing of advertising displays.

With the integration of Meetrics’ technology into Xandr’s purchasing platform, Xandr Invest, advertisers and agencies now have the ability to control the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns along one or more ad verification dimensions. These range from visibility rates and times-on-screen to brand suitability measures and the exclusion of advertising fraud.

In addition, the integration of Meetrics technology makes it possible for the first time worldwide to determine and control the use of ad refresh. With Ad-Refresh, display advertising spaces are used multiple times within a page visit. Due to the lack of standards, advertisers without this solution have little opportunity to control the impact of ad refreshes in a way that suits them. The underlying technology has already been successfully used in a pilot project with GroupM Germany.

Jörn Strehlau, Managing Director GroupM, said: “We are delighted to have developed a tool together with Meetrics that gives our advertisers an overview of the fragmented advertising market. Transparency about ad refresh practices is essential for us to work on common quality standards with our partners on the marketer side”.

Miriam Thome, Director Marketplace Management at Xandr, commented: “Xandr stands for quality and transparency in programmatic advertising buying. Through the partnership with Meetrics our customers now have new possibilities to measure and control the effectiveness of their media buying. This is a further step towards more sustainability in the programmatic ecosystem.”

“We are pleased to provide advertisers and agencies with important control tools that are not only based on internationally recognised measurement standards, but also take into account current market trends that can influence the effectiveness of advertising placements,” added Philipp von Hilgers, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Meetrics.

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