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Ford, Eurosport digital content partnership

November 27, 2020

By Colin Mann

Ford and Eurosport have revealed a new digital content partnership to explore the future of motorsport and bring to life the carmaker’s electrification promise across the continent. A new and exclusive series will showcase the innovations at the forefront of the changes in motorsport to ignite discussions about this transformation.

Developed by multichannel programmer Discovery’s multi-sport media brand Eurosport, the series will feature the expert drivers, engineers and scientists who are leading the charge in motorsport’s transformation. It will engage motorsport fans, motoring enthusiasts and those with a broad interest in sports, technology and the protection of the environment through a ‘Bring on Tomorrow’ content destination within Eurosport’s dedicated motorsport site, as well as across Eurosport’s social platforms in countries throughout Europe.

The series will touch on a wide range of industry-leading innovations pointing to the future, including electrification and other new technologies in motorsport. Audiences will follow how the successful Ford-powered M-Sport rally team is advancing new hybrid technology that will enter the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) from 2022, as well as how the Ford Fiesta ERX is driving forward Projekt E, the electric version of the classic Rallycross series. This will be presented alongside further details of Ford’s EEG racing helmet, which scans electrical brain activity to measure and enhance driver performance.

The collaboration, established in conjunction with Mindshare, the global agency network that is part of WPP, will benefit from Discovery’s global scale by tapping into the digital reach of its Group Nine Media brand, Seeker. This will engage a broader curious audience, such as those with a deep interest in the environment and the science shaping our world, with specially curated content featuring the science behind the transformation of motorsport. Around the new content, Eurosport and Seeker will run a dedicated campaign to amplify and drive traffic to the ‘Bring on Tomorrow’ content destination on

“It is hugely exciting to partner with Ford to drive conversations about motorsport’s role in pushing the boundaries of change, brought to life through compelling digital content that underlines Ford’s position at the forefront of the transformation of the automotive industry,” declared Mike Rich, Head of Sports Marketing Solutions, Eurosport, said.

“The scale and diversity of our digital platforms and audiences will help Ford deliver its communications objectives, driving traffic and amplifying the messages of ‘Bring on Tomorrow’ throughout Europe. We are particularly pleased to create an offer which marries Eurosport’s motorsport expertise with Discovery’s wider network and leadership in science, engaging Seeker’s digital-first audience with new and exclusive content,” he added.

“Partnering with Eurosport enables Ford to successfully target a broader audience than just motorsport fans,” advised Mike Rich, Head of Sports Marketing Solutions, Eurosport. “This is key to how we are trying to leverage our motorsport activity to a wider audience and to do so in an exciting way – with stories that grab people’s attention and show Ford in a subtly different light.”

“Combined with what Ford is doing in the realm of Hybrid and Battery powered cars and commercial vehicles, we are aiming to change people’s perceptions of Ford and show how Ford is beginning to play in the automotive industry of the 21st Century with exciting vehicles such as Mustang Mach-E, Puma Hybrid and in the world of commerce, the E-Transit.”

“We’re delighted to have brought this partnership between Ford and Eurosport to life,” remarked James Lynn, Partnerships Director, Mindshare. “The collaboration provides the perfect platform to drive conversations about the future of motorsport and showcases the steps that Ford is taking to help shape the future of the industry.”

Ford says it is committed to leading the way during a time of huge transformation for the automotive industry, delivering 14 electrified vehicles to customers by the end of 2020 and promising to electrify all future passenger vehicles coming to market.


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