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Irdeto launches Keys & Credentials for Routers

November 30, 2020

Irdeto has announced the launch of Keys & Credentials for Routers – an OEM-independent managed service offered to the ISP industry for their Broadband Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).

As ISPs roll-out smarter CPE to deliver new revenue-generating cloud services, security threats and IoT attacks increase in an already attractive space for hackers and cyber pirates. Therefore, ISPs are required to take the further steps to secure their CPE to protect their data infrastructure as well as their subscribers.

Irdeto Keys & Credentials for Routers is a fully managed service that lays the security foundations into any broadband CPE, ensuring recoverability and resilience for both CPE and the ISP infrastructure in the event of a router hijack or spoofing. It securely provisions unique and unclonable trusted identities into the chipset in every router, creating a hardware root of trust which is critical to verifying that a router is legitimate. The CPE then provides strong credentials with each API call, allowing the ISP’s servers to instantly identify requests from spoofed CPE, shutting down service and access. Keys & Credentials for Routers takes care of the full lifecycle for all cryptographic keys, from production and provisioning to renewal and revocation, and integrates seamlessly into the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines to enable fast deployment of signed code. With Irdeto Keys & Credentials for Routers managed service solution, ISPs can ensure that their CPE are well protected without the hassles of day-to-day management.

“With this new solution, Irdeto further solidifies its position as leader in the ISP infrastructure market. We manage the full lifecycle of trusted identities for routers, gateways or the Wi-Fi mesh to enable secure innovative services at the edge, while ensuring they only run ISP-authorized software against hijacking by advanced malware. It also enables operators to lead the field in compliance, resilience, and recoverability” said Shane McCarthy, COO for Video Entertainment at Irdeto. “Keys & Credentials complements the Trusted Home product suite that helps to monitor and deter security issues within the consumers’ homes.”

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