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Molotov TV selects Ad Insertion Platform SSAI solution

December 1, 2020

Molotov, the 12+ million users leading OTT provider in France who recently announced its new AVOD service Mango, free and fully financed by advertising revenues, selected the Swiss company Ad Insertion Platform (AIP) to enable Server-Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) with their DAIConnect solution.

DAIConnect guarantees the best possible user experience together with an efficient advertising monetization across a complete range of devices including mobile, desktop and Connected TVs.

It also offers an ultimate SSAI experience using innovating features such as agnostic connection to multiple Ad servers or SSPs, management of Ad bumpers and interstitials between Ads (TV-like user experience), activation of monitoring and statistics to manage advertising performances.

Thanks to its highly reliable and scalable design, DAIConnect is especially adapted to handle large audiences and steep peaks of concurrent users.

“We are proud to have been selected by Molotov after a rigorous evaluation process proving that our DAIConnect platform is the most advanced, flexible and independent solution on the market, far ahead of the existing solutions”, said Laurent Potesta, Ad Insertion Platform CEO.

Clement Cezard, Chief Business Development Officer at Molotov added: “We are extremely satisfied by the DAIConnect solution and the close relationship with the Ad Insertion Platform team. The company was able to answer to all requirements of our new Mango AVOD offer, allowing the implementation of the solution and the monetization in a very short delay”.

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