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US Thanksgiving broadband usage up 45%

December 1, 2020

With Zoom removing usage limits across its platform for the Thanksgiving holiday in the US, cable broadband usage on Thanksgiving Day registered a year-over-year 45 per cent jump, according to OpenVault, a provider of technology solutions and data insights for the broadband industry.

An analysis of data collected by OpenVault’s network management and monitoring tools shows that average broadband consumption per subscriber was 15.59 GB on Thanksgiving Day 2020, compared to 10.77 GB on the holiday in 2019. The figure represented increases of:

  • 9.7 per cent above usage on the previous November 2019; and
  • 15 per cent above usage for the previous eight Thursdays.

Peak traffic occurred between the hours of 9am and 2pm CT, when usage paced 29 per cent ahead of average consumption during the same time period across the previous eight Thursdays.

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