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Velocix unveils ad personalisation in cloud    

December 1, 2020

Velocix has unveiled a new cloud-native video advertising and stream personalisation service that enables pay-TV operators, broadcasters, and streaming services to generate higher revenues from every stream they deliver.

The fully-hosted and managed software-as-a-service solution, called Cloud VPP, supports multiple stream personalisation workflows, including digital and programmatic video advertising, alternate content insertion, and content blackout for live, VoD, and time-shifted video.

Jim Brickmeier, Chief Product & Marketing Officer at Velocix, said: “The launch of our Cloud VPP service represents a key step in Velocix’s evolution towards open, cloud-native software-as-a-service solutions. Our turn-key digital ad insertion and stream personalisation service provides customers with a faster way to deploy our flexible and feature-rich software, enabling them to boost video revenues and meet their content rights obligations with less effort and fewer risks.”

Cloud VPP is based on the latest release of Velocix’s personalisation platform (VPP) software, which is pre-integrated with several major ad services and can run on leading cloud platforms, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, or Azure.

VPP employs intelligent manifest manipulation technology to dynamically modify individual adaptive bit-rate video streams as they are being delivered to consumers. In accordance with business policies, streamed content may be adjusted based on contextual information such as device type, location, and time, or it may be tailored to suit each consumer’s personal viewing preferences.

Multiple manifest manipulation tasks can be performed by VPP simultaneously, helping to simplify complex cascading workflows and ensuring the needs of different business stakeholders are satisfied.

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