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Go3 selects GeoGuard’s VPN Detection Solution

December 3, 2020

GeoGuard has announced that TV3 Group, the Baltics media group, has selected GeoGuard DB, its ‘Hollywood Studio Approved; VPN and proxy detection solution to protect the premium content delivered via TV3 Group’s next generation television Go3 from geo-piracy. Go3, which serves Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, will use GeoGuard’s proven solution to remain compliant with studio and sports rightsholders’ content protection obligations.

“Stopping VPN and proxy-based piracy is essential to safeguarding the premium content we deliver to our subscribers and in ensuring we remain compliant with our rightsholders’ contractual requirements,” said Jan Wykrytowicz, Pay TV Baltics CEO of the TV3 Group. “The company’s support during onboarding helped us to seamlessly integrate GeoGuard DB with our services to quickly gain the highest level of protection against VPN and proxy-based geolocation fraud and geo-piracy.”

“TV3 Group places a very high priority in protecting their licensed content from geo-piracy, ensuring the value of that content is upheld for rightsholders,” added Alastair Campbell, Commercial and Product Marketing Manager at GeoGuard. “Geo-piracy protection plays an essential part of the territorially-based business model that content creators, whether that’s film, TV or live sports, rely on to remain economically viable. We’re delighted to assist TV3 Group in meeting their requirements and stopping geo-piracy.”

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